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About MyHappyHour

A concert ? An open-air movie projection ? A neighbors meeting ? A sports event ? A street market ? A shop special offer ? Imagine a smartphone application which would give you instant access to all the proposals going on around your location in one single click, without the need to know in advance what to search for in a web engine today. MyHappyHour makes this dream come true.
MyHappyHour is a free social platform that brings people together by allowing store owners, cities and institutions of all kinds to publish events of interest that can be immediately seen and shared by users around the places where events are taking place.

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The following concepts are defined around an event or Happy Hour:
  • 'Vendor': person, institution, townhall, social network, association who is responsible for the publication of an event
  • 'Place': location where the event takes place
  • 'User': a person who is interested in following, sharing or attending an event
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The impact MyHappyHour brings to vendors and users is immediate:
  • Publication of events in a matter of seconds allows 'Vendors' to effectively expand their geographic exposure instantly. Furthermore, MyHappyHour also makes available for vendors a free loyalty service to keep in contact with users attending their events: whenever a user decides to follow a place in the platform, she will receive a notification on her smartphone for every new event created in such place.
  • 'Users' running MyHappyHour instantly know about what's going on around them at any time: now, in 5 hours, tomorrow, in 3 days time. All such info available from a one-stop location, MyHappyHour. Moreover, as a social network, users can follow the events and places that interest them, share them with friends, invite each other to go together, chat, play, etc.
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MyHappyHour is not a middle-man organization: it is not interested in selling coupons nor cards, nor being paid commissions on any potential economical transactions happening between participating parties. MyHappyHour is only concerned about maintaining the platform availability, we dream in a future where our services could be perceived as helpful and useful for and by local communities around the world, we'd like to become humble enablers for Happy contributions. Think Global, Act Local.

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Convinced that sustainability must be at the core of this project since its inception, we are already running sustainable actions even before the network has begun its development. As part of such commitment, we have partnered with the Tree-Nation social network, a worldwide inspiring example of global community-driven eco engagements. As such, we have decided to plant 1200 trees upfront in the reforestation project in Dassa, Burkina Faso which aims at stopping the intense desertification concerns affecting the area.

Our tree planting efforts are already visible through the 'MyHappyPlanet by MyHappyHour' forest inside Tree-Nation and our deepest wish will be to see the forest grow on a daily basis: we will be plant trees to thank every single MyHappyHour vendor (local stores, associations, tourism offices, clubs, institutions, town halls) that will start using MyHappyHour to publish their events of interest. We will be thanking each 'Vendor' for their trust in our proposal. In other words, the more MyHappyHour will expand its reach, the more trees we will be able to plant. A powerful symbol for powerful communities.
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MyHappyHour is a collaborative initiative, it is the network we build together. For a MyHappyHour environment to work, we need users to bring in places and we need places to bring in users. To achieve that, MyHappyHour leverages innovative concepts to engage parties, such as Place Pre-registration capabilities and Events Pre-creation capabilities, so that users can help place owners to start their Happy journeys inside the MyHappyHour social platform.

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General Terms and Conditions for services in
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Users FAQ

A MyHappyHour 'User' is a person who is interested in discovering, following, attending events and sharing them with friends
MyHappyHour (MHH) offers a social networking environment built around proximity retail shops and businesses. With proposals of happy hours and fun events MHH pretends to help you meeting your friends in the real world rather than the virtual one. You can access special offers, happy hours or special events, and also participate in fun events. In other words MHH invites you to meet with your friends and people. With MHH you are always informed of all good plans around you at the very moment in which they occur. By this you are participating the promotion and revival of local businesses, real points and pillars the social fabric of our neighborhoods. In short, MHH is a unique and fun way to communicate, meet, shop and play just around the corner.

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MyHappyHour's Mobile is a very easy to use app featuring 2 distinct sections: one which allows to discover events around and interact with them and one which allows to communicate, share and play with friends. MyHappyHour's home page provides a good introduction to all the features the app provides. Also, we have an App interactive tutorial available so that you can feel its potential before downloading it.

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Not only you can: you are encouraged to! MHH will be much more fun with your friends around. All of our proposals will be aimed at building up a feeling of near community and pride for belonging into your own neighborhoods (aka Happy Quarters) or cities (aka. Happy Cities). The more friends around, the easier to communicate with them through our internal MHH chat system, the easier to meet with them, the easier to gather and organize around quarters and the easier to earn points and rewards for your own quarter or happy city. Which one is a happier city? Madrid or Barcelona? Paris or London? Buenos Aires or Rio? New York or Los Angeles?

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Basically all activities you run inside MHH will make you earn HappyPoints. HappyPoints will ensure the basis for the fun part inside MHH. Inviting friends to come, inviting 'Places' to join, gathering around in quarters, attending MHH events, commenting on events, making pics during events, purchasing during events, finding secret treasures around your city, participating in city twitter battles. Every point you will earn for you will be a point your own quarter and your own city will earn too. Every event you will be attending to in your own city will reward points both to you and to the 'Place' organizing the event, which means that attending local events is the easiest way to reward your whole city and make it become a happier one! We want to see local communities developping around and becoming proud of their Happy-ness status!

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Event Creators FAQ

An 'Event Creator' or 'Vendor' is the person who publishes events inside a 'Place', and that regardless of the nature of the 'Place'.
MyHappyHour (MHH) allows you to post in seconds promotions and offers that come instantly to hundreds of customers who are close to your trade and are really interested in them without walking around in front of your business . MHH is designed so that your promotion or offer appear on first page of searches of potential customers regardless of the size of your trade. Additionally, you receive additional services such as the actual results of their actions (e.g.: How many people came to my business with this listing? ) And the customer feedback regarding your offering (e.g.: What were the strengths? What could be improved next time? What my clients are really looking for?).

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Registering as a vendor in MHH is completely free. Any registration of a new 'Place' comes with automatic certification of 300 credits that will immediately enable a vendor to publish 300 hours of happy hours, offerings or promotions.

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One credit represents one hour of Happy Hour activities scheduled in your 'Place'. For example, if you decide to post a special offer on your shop from 16h to 18h, this publication will require the use of 2 credits from your MHH credits account. Credit usage allows to build popular 'Place' rankings. The more events, the most popular - and therefore visible - a 'Place' becomes.

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Of course! You only need to connect to our site with your new MHH identifiers (username / password) in order to create events (Happy Hours). Alternatively you can download our mobile application from where you can also create events. As a third possibility, you may want to take advantage of your 'Sponsor' (i.e., the user through which you signed up for MHH) and ask him/her to pre-create on your behalf the events for your 'Place' instead. This may be a useful alternative when you do not have time to do everything. When this option is in use, you will be requested by email via a fast simple one-click confirmation action to accept the publication of the events pre-created on your behalf. Credits will be deducted from your credit account each time you will schedule Happy Hours.

As the owner of your own 'Place', you will be able to manage your events (creation, modification, deletion) both from inside the 'Vendor' Corner in our website and from our mobile application. To ease your job, we provide you with very simple features that will make such task a piece of cake. For example:
  • you will be able to set up repeating events (i.e., you create them once, and they can be run for many days to come)
  • if you have multiple 'Place' you will be able to create them once and apply them to all of your 'Places' at the same time
  • you can assign the role of second administrator to one of the employees in your 'Place' and delegate to him/her the management of your events
  • you can assing the role of referee to a person you trust so that he/she can propose you with new events for your 'Place' (proposals that you will activate yourself via a simple email click)
Whichever offer you published inside your event (whether it is a general trade off, a special discount on a particular product or service, an offer 2x1 or 3x2 type, a gift or special attention, etc) will become immediately visible in the smartphones and mobile handsets of all the potential customers who, at the time in which the event takes place, are closely located to the shop or 'Place', without the need to pass by the 'Place' door to know about it. During the hour or hours that your event will take place, it will fairly compete with any other simultaneous event taking place at the same time in the same zone, the visibility of all the events taking place at a particular time will be the same for all regardless of the sizes of the 'Places'. We strongly hope that this fact will help small traders to reach unforeseen visibility and differentiation levels.

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You will. We are convinced about the profit circle which will be created by the development of the MHH network in your city: the more the events are proposed the more the users number, and the more the users number the more the events proposed! In addition to this, MHH users can enjoy a set of games and fun activities based on their presence in events. They will earn points, play games based in the attendance to the proposed events, share and comment about the events they are living! Vendors visibility is enhanced by the number and type of events they publish and by the users comments and interactions. MHH provides to vendors concrete results of their events: how many people attended to, how many people bought, what your customers are expecting next time, etc.

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Yes, that's another goal we have to help you expand your reach. Are you running a business which is subject to last hour cancellations that are hard to fill-in again in the short time? If you wish to reach your loyal customers and propose them last minute deals, MHH is there for you: by proposing your loyal customers to simply download MHH in their phones and choose the option to follow your 'Place', they will be notified of any new event you will create for the 'Place', a very powerful way to reward their fidelity and loyalty. Even last-hour cancellations will be easily filled-in by taking advantage of such ability the platform is offering for you off-the-shelf.

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Not at all! MHH is not an intermediary. MHH is a platform, a network that aims to enhance the fidelity between your shop and your potential customers, without becoming a man in the middle. MHH does not buy nor resell coupons nor gets sales commissions charged afterwards. The vendor that publishes an offer through the MHH network always manages entirely the relationship with the client. No commission, no broker, no intermediary is our strong pride and satisfaction inside the MHH team.

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MHH is a young network. Our goal is to enhance the network to provide an effective environment for all vendors in that city. Therefore, as soon as a 'Place' is running out of credits, MHH will add new credits to the 'Place' for free.

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Tutorials and Quick Guides

In this section you will find lots of great learning material in several areas of our platform. Information is presented in the form of quick guides or video guides to ease the learning experience. Enjoy!
Whether you are a store owner, a franchise owner handling multiple points of presence, a person in charge of your city communications, a sports / leasure club director or a simple citizen with the wish to share something fun, happy or interesting around, here's everything you need to do to create an event both from the web and from the mobile app.

Whether you are a store owner, a franchise owner handling multiple points of presence, a person in charge of your city communications, a sports / leasure club director or a simple citizen with the wish to share something fun, happy or interesting around, here are some useful video-guides to create 'Places' and events from the web.

Become the sponsor for a local store! If you know about a store (place) you would love to see inside MyHappyHour, then help us register it and you will get rewarded. There are hundreds of prizes every month for our sponsors.

MyHappyHour's Mobile is a very easy to use app featuring 2 distinct sections: one which allows to discover events around and interact with them and one which allows to communicate, share and play with friends. MyHappyHour's home page provides a good introduction to all the features the app provides. Also, we have an App interactive tutorial available so that you can feel its potential before downloading it.

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MyHappyHour in the media

Internet, TV, radio, cities... MyHappyHour references in the media
We conducted a crowdfunding campaign during the summer 2014 with Indiegogo. We were able to collect our target of 5000$ to help us in the development and promotion of MyHappyHour.

Christmas Events promoted via MyHappyHour in the city of Gex, France

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The many ways and reasons to get in contact with us. We will be waiting for you.
We'll be delighted to answer your questions through the different mailboxes below:
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We are actively searching for people meeting the following criteria:
  • You enjoy the challenge of building up a modern open platform accessible to local stores of any type and size
  • You think local vendors and stores should not be tied up by technology access constraints
  • You like the idea of a gamified social network where people meet and interact not just virtually but also physically
  • The words 'A more balanced and fair trade oriented future' mean something for you
  • Your energy levels are high and you are willing to work on your spare time
  • You are both optimist and perseverant, you have a sense for commercial skills
  • You are motivated to spread the word about MyHappyHour, talk around you about our goals, advantages and offers
Are you the candidate we are waiting for? We have great news! We may have the perfect opportunity waiting for you.
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Login to our Website and access 'My Rewards' section to apply and learn more:
One last tip before you start the adventure: never forget about our Video Guides, they will help you find your way when explaining MyHappyHour to any 'Vendor' you will meet.