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Click to return to the
Events List Screen
Dashboard Zone:
that's where all social features will be found
Settings Button. It allows to change:
1. Your accounts settings
2. Your app settings and logout
Your Score:
Happy Points, obtained when going to events, sharing them, commenting, bringing in stores...
Click to access My Friends screen
Click to access My Messages screen:
a red symbol shows up whenever you have unread messages
Click to access My Profile screen:
that's where I find my stats, the events and stores I follow, etc
Click to access Web links for referring new stores and events. If you know store owners, pre-register stores / events from your own phone
"Share MyHappyHour" Button:
rise awareness and share MyHappyHour's app with other people via SMS, Whatsapp, email, etc
Click to access the Web link for our summer game: will you be one of our Happy Users? There are lots of prizes to win!
Click to return to your Dashboard Screen
My Friends:
that's where you connect with your friends
Add Friends Button. It allows to:
1. Search for MyHappyHour or Facebook friends
2. Send friendship requests
Click to access your friend's profile
Click to chat with your friend
Click to return to the
Events List Screen
My Messages:
notifications' box which helps keep track of your actions and activities
Dashboard button. It allows to:
1. Access social features (friends, messages)
2. Access my store and manage my events
Get notified when receiving a new chat message
Get notified when your friend will be going to an event
Get notified when you have a new friend
Get notified when a store validated the event you pre-created
Get notified when you pre-create an event for a store
Get notified when a store validated your pre-registration
Get notified when you pre-registered a store
Get notified when a store you follow creates a new event
Delete all messages in your notifications' box at once
You can delete each message one by one
Dashboard Screen
My Friends Screen
My Messages Screen